Some 500 million tons of plastic annually predicted to double by 2040

Dit is zo tegen de borst stotend !!! Worden we dan echt elke dag bedrogen ?

Some View on the World

Plastic pollution is a scourge in West African countries such as Ghana, once ranked as the world’s seventh messiest nation and now hailed as a success story because of a corporate-sponsored cleanup. But as Kit Chellel and Ekow Dontoh explain, the initiative backed by Coca-Cola, Unilever and Danone to re-use the waste is better at deflecting blame and avoiding regulation than actually recycling.

A gutter choked with plastic under a bridge in Accra, Ghana, in July.  Photographer: Nipah Dennis/Bloomberg

Despite the dire environmental consequences, the world has never produced more plastic — some 500 million tons annually — and experts predict that to double by 2040. One reason is that plastic is cheap and useful. Another is the success of industry-led campaigns that say we can use it sustainably. A Bloomberg Green investigation finds that an initiative backed by Coca-Cola, Unilever and Danone to recycle the plastic waste in Ghana is…

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